Home Construction Week 27 Summary


Been another exciting week!  Two weeks, actually — I was remiss in updating our story last weekend.  This week concluded with a completely sheetrocked house.  So we can no longer see through our walls.  The sheetrock crew started on Saturday and finished the following Friday.  The electrician finished up all the rough work and the gas line has been tested.  Our inspection passed, so we can start taping and floating on Monday.

Our painter is going to start soon.  We’re going with relatively neutral earth-tone colors:  Kelly Moore British Khaki for the body and Bone for the trim.  It actually isn’t that far off from the color of the existing primed siding, so we have a good idea of what it’ll look like already.

Budget:  Nothing is without issues of course.  We added electrical bits and bobs all over the place and ran up a hefty change order.  The duct work that our architect said “can be figured out in the field” proved to be more difficult than expected and resulted in yet another hefty change order.  We picked an expensive front door and I’m having a hard time finding light fixtures to stay on budget.  We’re definitely feeling the strain on the overall budget, but each decision alone feels insignificant compared to the overall cost.  The good news is, we’re right on track for our tile budget (and we got some really magnificent things!).

Schedule:  We lost 8 days due to slower-than-expected electrical and a venting mix-up that required a re-inspection.  But our inspector allowed us to move forward with insulation while fixing up the venting and with a Saturday work day, we made up several days.  I think we’re about 4 days behind schedule now, but there’s a 10-day task for taping and texture in which we might be able to make up more.

Mood:  We’re having a great time with all of this.  We’re learning so much along the way and it’s gone relatively smoothly (so I’m told).  Now is a really good time to come visit and check it out!