Monthly Archive: August 2015


Home Construction Week 31

  Doesn’t it look like we could move in?  The outside is nearly finished.  Everything is painted and the soil is graded.  We’re missing stone on the columns and porch and exterior lights.  And downspouts, in case it ever rains in California again. The inside walls are textured and primed and ready to be painted.  The showers have the black tar wet mop done and our tile guy starts tomorrow.  We’ll be deciding interior wall colors on Tuesday and then the painters will go to work on those colors.  We are doing something unique and exciting in the garage, stay...


Home Construction Week 29 Summary

Pick a color!  Any color! We’re into some very exciting stuff over the last two weeks.  The inside is all sheetrocked and being textured.  We’re going with “Old World” texture with a moderate amount of “holidays.”    All the texturing will be done in a couple days and then the trim starts.  In a Craftsman house, it’s all about trim, trim, and more trim!  Everything is square and plain, but there’s a lot of it!  Which provides plenty to do for the painters. The 2nd picture shows our barreled ceiling in the entry way.  It hasn’t gone too smoothly.  The framers...