Home Construction Week 29 Summary

Pick a color!  Any color!

We’re into some very exciting stuff over the last two weeks.  The inside is all sheetrocked and being textured.  We’re going with “Old World” texture with a moderate amount of “holidays.”    All the texturing will be done in a couple days and then the trim starts.  In a Craftsman house, it’s all about trim, trim, and more trim!  Everything is square and plain, but there’s a lot of it!  Which provides plenty to do for the painters.

The 2nd picture shows our barreled ceiling in the entry way.  It hasn’t gone too smoothly.  The framers used one radius for one end, and another radius for the other when it was initially formed.  The sheetrockers covered it (with 2 layers of 1/4″ sheetrock, hosed down with water and bent in place) and it looked funky.  Now, we have new boards covering the first two layers of sheetrock to fix the curve and two more layers of sheetrock will go on next.  Thankfully, our ceilings are high so we have room to lower them with all these layers!

We selected exterior paint long ago, but our GC and painter kindly pointed out that it was an EXACT match to our neighbors.  So, the painter put several different options, all in earth tones, on the front wall for us to look at.  We’ve picked “Sand Pebble”, which is the second color from the right (below the right hand window).  The trim will all be Antique White.  We’re crossing our fingers that this late-breaking change won’t be a bad one.

The painters prepped the outside trim (again, lots and lots of trim!) last week and sprayed it all on Saturday.  Next they’ll sand all the trim (again) and paint a final coat.  On Wednesday, they’ll start on the Sand Pebble house body color.  Very exciting to see it all come together!

Schedule & costs:  We’re still about 4 days behind schedule, but holding steady with many possibilities to pull that back in.  We made a small change order ($$) to paint under the eves the trim color (not the house body color).  We went round and round about this, but decided that we liked that look best.

Mood:  We’ve been away for two weeks on trips and felt like we missed a lot.  I’m very excited to be back into my daily (or two-times daily) visits to watch it all!