Home Construction Week 31


Doesn’t it look like we could move in?  The outside is nearly finished.  Everything is painted and the soil is graded.  We’re missing stone on the columns and porch and exterior lights.  And downspouts, in case it ever rains in California again.

The inside walls are textured and primed and ready to be painted.  The showers have the black tar wet mop done and our tile guy starts tomorrow.  We’ll be deciding interior wall colors on Tuesday and then the painters will go to work on those colors.  We are doing something unique and exciting in the garage, stay tuned for that one!

The upper deck balcony railing is complete, so no kids can fall off.  (sigh of relief)  Our master bedroom has v-groove decking on the ceiling and it looks wonderful.  The door and trim guys are going to start moving quickly tomorrow too, to stay ahead of the painters.  (You can see 20 doors stacked up in the garage in the photo)

The barrel ceiling entry way has continued to be a problem.  It was framed incorrectly and is being re-framed over the top of the first round of sheetrock.  The sheetrockers seem to be triple booked and are slowing things down — we’ve lost several days due to that crew.  Hopefully we can make it up in the very lengthy “trim” tasks.

Schedule & budget:  Schedule is iffy.  Our GC assures us we’re fine, but it feels like we’re lagging a bit.  There are too many loose ends that are taking too long.  We haven’t added any significant costs this week.  At least not on accident!

Mood:  We’re still having a great time.  Thought, I think we’re all starting to get anxious.  The kids are sick of visiting the house to see progress.  We’re ready to get out of our rental.  And I’m getting nervous about the delays of late.