Home Construction Week 32


Another exciting week has passed!  The sheetrockers are wrapping up the final bits of the barreled ceiling (it now has 4 layers of sheetrock to correct for mistakes).  It was worth the layers, as it looks great!

The three showers all have paper and chicken wire on them, so they are ready for tile, which should start next week.

All the interior doors have been hung.  They open and close and align beautifully.  They’ll all be removed and taken away to get painted.

The painters have painted the entire 2nd floor (first coat) (Ben Moore Balboa Mist) and they’ve painted most of the ceilings (Ben Moore Simply White).

We have two interesting ceilings in the house — our master bedroom (shown in the picture) and the dining room.  The master is covered in v-groove decking with a few beams.  That is completed and caulked and is waiting for paint.  The dining room is a box beam ceiling and is about half done.  We’ve decided to cover the dining room walls with wallpaper.  And for anyone that knows my mother, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Most of her house has been covered in wallpaper at one time or another.

The bulk of this week is all about trim.  Craftsman houses typically have loads of simple wide, flat trim.  Every window, door, and opening will get framed.  This is a laborious task that will take a while!

Schedule and Cost:  Our GC was saving up a bunch of change orders for us and we got them today.  Ouch.  Many are our own doing.  Some are acts of god.  We are behind schedule about 5 days….though the painters are ahead of schedule.

Mood:  It’s still fun.  We have problems to solve every now and again which keep me obsessed (where do the downspouts go?  what stone will we put on the columns), etc.