Home Construction Week 34


This whole construction project has been really fun.  Except for a few costly mistakes and a bit of stress here and there, I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing.  And now, it really starts to come together.  The tile guy started last week, so we finally get some real COLOR in the house!  This picture is the boys’ bathroom, which shows the shower and curb tile and floor.  We selected some pretty dark colors so the grime and dirt from 2 dirty and grimy boys won’t show as much.  We also selected porcelain tile since that seems like the least costly from a maintenance perspective.   The very cool dirt-colored floor tile is from Tile Fantastic and the shower wall tile is from Da Vinci.  The tile guy will be very busy over the coming weeks!

More fun this coming week…the cabinet maker is bringing in all the bathroom vanities and some of the kitchen cabinets.  Meanwhile, the painters have primed, filled nail holes, sanded, and primed again all the trim in the house.  They took all the super heavy 8′ doors offsite to spray as well.

Schedule and costs:  No change to either.  Actually, we bailed on pavers for the driveway and plan on cement, so we actually saved some money!

Mood:  Still chipper.  But I’ll admit, we’re about ready for this to be over.  Thankfully, we’re at a very exciting part to keep us charging ahead.