Home Construction Week 35

The cabinets are here!  The cabinets are here!  Above is a picture of a few of the kitchen cabinets.  We still have a second load coming which includes the laundry room, boys’ bathroom and kitchen island, but everything else arrived and takes up the entire kitchen/nook/family room!  They are just beautiful.  I think it was new my favorite day in the construction process.

Painting continues.  Ken McMillan’s painting team is doing about 17 rounds of filling, sanding, priming, repeat.  The trim is going to look amazing once it’s complete.  Some of the rooms have the final paint colors, awaiting a second coat.

The front door arrived and it’s the most beautiful door I’ve ever seen.  It is in a box, upside down, in the garage, so you don’t get to see it yet.

We also had a meeting with PG&E gas & electric folks to figure out our tie-ins.  We’ve got a 4′ deep trench in the front yard for gas and electric lines.  And, lucky us, we have to install a tie-in metal box in our front yard that’s about 4′ x 2.5′.  Our neighbors electric will tie into that box, along with the houses across the street, should they ever have to underground their power.  All the PG&E work costs us $14K, can you believe it?  We think we’re getting more bang for our buck there though, as compared to San Jose Water, which is charging $12K just to put in a new meter (when you build new construction, as opposed to a remodel, you have to put in fire sprinklers, which requires a larger water meter for the necessary pressure).  These are the kinds of costs you don’t “think about” when you budget building a new house…

Schedule and costs:  Nothing new here.

Mood:  Excited for the cabinet installation to start tomorrow.  Garage doors should also arrive and be installed.  Then we’ll have a way to lock up the house!