Home Construction Week 36

Yep, that’s our Google Blue wall in the garage.  All our interior house colors are quite muted — grays, blues, whites, a punch of yellow in the laundry room.  So we decided to go bold in the garage.  I got my inspiration for this color from a houzz.com picture and Dave was on board.  We decided if you can’t have a bit of fun in the garage, you’re too stuffy.

All the cabinets have now been delivered.  They are filling up the house!  Some of them are nearly 10 feet tall (like that pictured).  I’m not sure how they’re going to stand that one up once it’s inside.  We are very happy with all the colors and stains.  More pictures of those once they’re installed.

The stairway now has posts and a railing, so I can stop worrying about my father falling off the stairs now.  He might still fall down the stairs, but not off the edge!  The barrel ceiling entryway is finally perfect and the last bits of trim are getting completed now.  The boys’ and guest bathrooms have their tile installed and they look wonderful.  The powder bathroom has a wonderful strip of tile (I couldn’t afford more than a strip).  The master shower is partially done and there’s plenty left in that bathroom yet to do.

The front yard is a big disaster.  We have tractors and huge dirt piles again.  It almost looks like we’re starting to build something new.  But it’s all trench digging for PG&E.  Gas and electrical have to be tied in and they required a trench 5′ deep in some places.  Our contractor was even worried about the PG&E pole falling over given how far we dug down adjacent to it.  We have a huge pile of “PG&E-approved sand” that has to fill the trench.  The dust is really blowing around out front.

Schedule and costs:  We have an updated Microsoft Project schedule and we’re right on time!  Actually, we’re a bit ahead of our original schedule, presuming everything with this PG&E bit goes well.  We’ve had no substantial change orders – yahoo!

Mood:  We’re really getting to the good part now.  Colors and textures are coming in now, so the place has character.  In theory, we’re moving in 2 months from today.  That’s pretty darned exciting!