Home Construction Week 38

We had a catastrophe that lasted about 3 hours yesterday.  Da Vinci (where we bought all our countertop slabs) called and said they lost our kitchen counter slabs!  I was given an apology and a refund and was on my way.  I was a nervous wreck, honestly.  We spent weeks (months, actually) selecting just the right countertop for the kitchen since there’s a ton of it and it’s in the most prominent place in our house.  We selected the granite we did, primarily because they had slabs that came in 10+ feet pieces (our island is 10′ long and I insisted on no seam).  There aren’t a lot of options that we liked for 10+ feet granite.  I’m a good task master when I’m in a panic, so I immediately drove all over North San Jose (you can hit 10 granite places in a 2 mile square radius) looking for 10′ long pieces of Cielo granite.   On the fourth granite shop, I found some!  I was delighted and relieved.  And in fact, I think they were even more beautiful than the original slabs that we picked!  They were delivered to Canelastone in Morgan Hill right away (along with the remaining slabs from Da Vinci.  I visited Canelastone today and got to pick the placement for the all the countertop pieces.

Meanwhile, in other construction news, we have a front door now.  A small bird can fly through the gaps on the sides, but it’s there!  They’ve also started on the wainscot down the entry hallway (don’t worry, that’s not the final color).  All the tile floors are finished and grouted and covered with paper to protect them and keep them clean.   The granite for everything but the kitchen island will be installed later this coming week.  Painters will be back in full swing too.

Schedule and costs:  All still good.

Mood:  The highs are getting higher and when there’s a low, watch out!  It’s scary!  🙂