Home Construction Week 39

My new favorite day arrived!  Granite!  This picture shows a portion of our kitchen cabinets with newly installed granite.  This piece was the last minute find I got after Da Vinci lost our slabs.  Canelastone, in Morgan Hill, is the fabricator and they are doing a beautiful job.  I can hardly find the seam on the front edge.   They finished the laundry countertop (which is Silestone), the boys bathroom (Eurostone), the kitchen desk top (same Eurostone), and the guest vanity top.  They’ll be back tomorrow with another piece of the kitchen, the powder room vanity, and maybe the master bath vanity.  The Eurostone and Silestone slabs are products made up of quartz and other natural stones crunched up into a super hard, strong, non-porous surface.  I’m sure we’ll test it!

Painting continues, we’re in the midst of selecting hardwood floor stain color, tile backsplashes start this week, and electrical will wrap up their work soon.

PG&E continues to be a total drag.  We knew we had to underground electrical/phone/cable so we started with PG&E way back in April to get gas/electrical connected.  It should have taken 6 months.  And now, just like they delayed our demo in January, PG&E will delay our final inspection (and thus our move-in date).  We have to wait until Nov 12th to get electrical connected.  Until then, we have a 5′ trench in our front yard and a huge pile of dirt, which prevents us from getting final sign off from Roads and Airports.  Yada yada yada.  I’m told some families wait for weeks or even months to move in, due to PG&E dragging their heels.

Not only is PG&E slow, but their right hand doesn’t talk to their left hand.  Our trench was 4′ deep for gas and electrical.  Our inspection failed because it wasn’t deep enough, so we dug it to 5′ and passed the inspection.  The next PG&E crew that came out (to actually hook up our gas line to the main in the street) stated they couldn’t send a man in a 5′ trench for safety purposes.  So we had to backfill 1′ to allow a worker in the trench.  Sigh.

Schedule and costs:  Our schedule is really getting crunched.  All our buffer is gone and we are seriously considering refinishing the hardwood floors after we move in.  If we aren’t out of our rental by Nov 30, we owe another month’s rent.

Mood:  Nervous.