Home Construction Week 42

It’s been a while since we updated our website, so here’s an extra long story with extra pictures!  There’s a lot going on and we are making great progress toward our Nov 30th move-in date!

The workers below are filling in the new driveway.  We have plenty of room for basketball, 4-square, tennis, roller hockey, or anything else the boys come up with.  We also had a back yard patio poured, along with cement landings for the doorways.  We got carpet in our upstairs space, and the boys have had several wrestling matches and football games up there already.  We can hardly wait to invite the neighborhood kids over!

Here, Kevin and Ryan each get a hand at smoothing out the front walkway.






















To save a buck or two, we loaded up our GC’s truck for a dump run.  I can’t believe he didn’t lose pieces and parts along the way.  It is amazing how much garbage a construction project generates.  We have one garage bay full of cut-up corrugated cardboard, waiting to be recycled.  And we have a load this size about every 3 weeks.

We have a beautiful brand new fence all the way around our backyard.  The fence was literally lying flat on the ground, rotting, in several places.  We also put a nice lattice on top.

The very last piece of granite finally arrived!  This piece is for the kitchen island.  Canelastone did a wonderful job with all our countertops and they treated this one with particular care since it was such a huge piece (10′ x 4′).  I watched with gritted teeth while 5 big strong burly guys hauled this into the house.

Meanwhile, we still have a huge pile of dirt in our front yard waiting on PG&E.  Nov 12th is the magic date on which they’ll come hook up our electricity (as well as our neighbor’s).  We have an electric meter release, so we’re ready to go.  We’ll fill the hole, re-pave the street, then request our final inspection for ~Nov 18th.

In the ideal world, here’s our schedule:

Nov 9: Shower doors, continuing master & pantry closets, finish electrical and plumbing, portable heaters brought in to acclimate the wood floors for refinishing

Nov 12: PG&E finishes underground electrical (fingers crossed!)

Nov 16:  repave the street after we fill the PG&E hole;  install downstairs carpet

Nov 18:  final inspection;  hardwood floors get sanded for 2 days, then refinishing starts and ends on Mon 23rd

Nov 23:  Floors dry for the week, no one gets to go in

Nov 29-30:  We move in!  Just in time to get out of our rental for Dec 1st occupants!