Home Construction Week 44

We’re nearly done!  We’ve had two very productive weeks and we’re almost at the finish line.  We’ve also had our first slip in schedule, partly due to a loser furnace/aircon guy and partly due to Thanksgiving.  Our furnace was installed at the very last minute (after our loser furnace guy was fired and our GC found another company to do the work).  Our final inspection was scheduled during the furnace installation, so we knew we were cutting it close.  Everything passed for our final inspection except mechanical (furnace and aircon) because we need a HERS pressure test.  The pressure test is now scheduled for Tuesday night, and, we want to wait for our favorite inspector, so our final will be on Monday, Dec 1st.  At that point, we call PG&E to get our gas meter, which takes a week, (holy cow, I’m sick of waiting on PG&E for stuff!!) and we move in on the 7th.  Considering our estimated move-in date of Dec 1st was set way back in January, I think we did pretty good!

We are so so so anxious to move in!  That’s all we’re thinking about!  Thankfully our landlords gave us another week to rent so we aren’t homeless that first week of December!