Home Construction Week 45

This might just be our second to last post!  We are moving in on Dec 7th, if we pass our final inspection in the morning.  Although, let’s be real.  There’s a pretty long punch list of remaining odds and ends that will take a while to complete.  The floors will get their final coat Monday morning and then we can walk on them (in socks!) Wednesday morning.  Our carpenter then comes back and finishes up baseboards among other things.  The painters will touch up all the walls where everyone messed them up.  The key to all of this is, once again, good ol’ PG&E.  After our final inspection, we are cleared for a gas meter, which takes “about a week.”  If we don’t get that by the 7th, we’ll be using portable heaters, eating microwaved dinners, and taking cold showers because we’re out of our rental on the 7th.

We had 6 samples of floor stain colors and after staring at them for weeks, they all started to look alike.  We settled on “Spice Brown.”  It’s a medium brown color with a touch of red to warm up the place (most of our colors are grays and whites — all cool colors).  We’re very happy with it.  In the picture, you can see the stained wood against the natural oak.  By the way, we picked 5″-wide rift and quarter-sawn oak planks.  We love the grain (or lack thereof) we ended up with.

We are so so so anxious to get into our beautiful house!  It is hard to wait.  We’ve moved plenty of our belongings from our rental to our new house, so the boys have done a lot of piano and basketball.  However, today, Dave and I “rolled” our basketball net 1/4 of a mile to the new house.  So that was the end of basketball for a week!