About Us

Heather & Dave Oct 2004I assume 90% of the people visiting our website already know us. For those few of you who somehow found your way to the site and don’t know us, I’ll give you a summary. Heather and I are recently married. We both work in the technology area in “Silicon Valley”. Heather is a “local” while I moved to CA about 8 years ago. We originally met almost 13 years ago while both working for IBM in Research Triangle Park, NC.

When we aren’t working we can usually be found swimming, biking or running with our friends. Heather is the one who got me involved in triathlon in 2000, but I’m the one who is a bit more obsessed with the sport these days. When we aren’t racing we have enjoyed taking pictures at the races.

About the Site This is my 3rd major improvement in hosting a site since I started about 3 years ago. I first hosted a site based solely on gallery2 on a server running at home. It was painfully slow for everyone to view so I finally migrated to a professionally hosted solution last year. I felt the gallery2 only site was a bit limiting and I wanted to host both pictures and a small blog of what’s going on in our lives. I did a little research and found the wordpress , gallery2 and wpg2 integration solution. I’ve been playing around and customizing it a bit and I think it’s ready for primetime. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

About the Banner Picture The picture used as our website banner was taken during our honeymoon in Jan 2006. It is a composite of 2 shots from a private beach we were on in the Great Barrier Reef. We took the dinghy in the picture from Lizard Island resort to the beach and spent a relaxing afternoon with the beach to ourselves. We thought it made a great picture for the website banner.

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