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Hershey Park

Here’s a look at my brief acting career. I worked one summer at Hershey Park, an amusement park where I grew up in PA. I somehow got recruited for the male role in the “couples” commercial they were shooting. It took 3 days to shoot the commercial and I end up visible in the commercial for about 2 seconds total!!


Top 9 Dos and Don’ts When Buying a Car…

1.  Bring a 3 month old with you. It turns out, most car salesmen are men. And most of these men either have grown children or no children at all. Either way, they have zero interest in hanging out with my 3 month old (crying or not). So, I got free reign over any of the cars in the lot – I got to crawl in and out of them, open every cubbyhole, look under the hood, open and close every door 15 times – and no one pressured me. It is fantastic! 2.  Don’t bring your hubby. The car...


Are Angels Really Blue?

Dave, Kevin, and I went to see the Blue Angels in San Francisco. As part of Fleet Week, the Blue Angels come every so often to wow the crowds with their acrobatics, dare-devil swoops near Golden Gate Bridge, and near-collisions that give everyone watching the chills. Did you know the Blue Angels were named as such because a lead lieutenant came across an advertisement for a popular New York City nightclub called “Blue Angel?” The Blue Angels were initially formed in 1946 and is the world’s first officially sanctioned military aerial demonstration team (thank you, Wikipedia). The pilots and jets...