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Happy Campers

Summer is just around the corner so we decided to attempt an evening of tent camping over Memorial Day weekend.  We reserved a campsite at a local campground; Saratoga Springs, only a five minute drive from our home. Our thinking was that if Ryan won’t go to sleep in the tent we can always just pack up and come home to our beds! We waited until that last minute to pack up all the "stuff" and this is what the car looked like for 18 hours (1 night) of camping. Earlier in the week Dave pinged a friend who works...


Kitchen Disco

I came home from a run the other day to find Heather and the boys dancing in the kitchen. The kitchen island had been transformed into a dance floor and iTunes was pumping out their favorite dance tunes. Ryan said he learned all his moves by watching the older kids at his preschool. Wherever he learned them, it wasn’t from his Dad!  


Breaking Away (revisited)

A little over 3 months ago I posted about Kevin’s training wheels coming off in this post.  Since that time, Kevin hasn’t spent much time on the bike. We’ve been busy travelling, moving back to California and starting kindergarten. Last week he asked if he could try taking the training wheels off his bike again.  Since that day he has not stopped biking! He asks to bike everywhere. He has bike a mile to school, 2 mile to the pool and many more miles around the block and in our front yard. Below is a little clip of his handling...