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Home Construction Week 36

Yep, that’s our Google Blue wall in the garage.  All our interior house colors are quite muted — grays, blues, whites, a punch of yellow in the laundry room.  So we decided to go bold in the garage.  I got my inspiration for this color from a houzz.com picture and Dave was on board.  We decided if you can’t have a bit of fun in the garage, you’re too stuffy. All the cabinets have now been delivered.  They are filling up the house!  Some of them are nearly 10 feet tall (like that pictured).  I’m not sure how they’re going...


Home Construction Week 35

The cabinets are here!  The cabinets are here!  Above is a picture of a few of the kitchen cabinets.  We still have a second load coming which includes the laundry room, boys’ bathroom and kitchen island, but everything else arrived and takes up the entire kitchen/nook/family room!  They are just beautiful.  I think it was new my favorite day in the construction process. Painting continues.  Ken McMillan’s painting team is doing about 17 rounds of filling, sanding, priming, repeat.  The trim is going to look amazing once it’s complete.  Some of the rooms have the final paint colors, awaiting a...


Home Construction Week 34

  This whole construction project has been really fun.  Except for a few costly mistakes and a bit of stress here and there, I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing.  And now, it really starts to come together.  The tile guy started last week, so we finally get some real COLOR in the house!  This picture is the boys’ bathroom, which shows the shower and curb tile and floor.  We selected some pretty dark colors so the grime and dirt from 2 dirty and grimy boys won’t show as much.  We also selected porcelain tile since that seems like the least...