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Kevin is seven

Kevin, you turned 7 two months ago.  It’s a whirlwind of a time, which explains why this letter is over a month late. Our family has moved (twice) right as you started second grade at a new school.  There has been a lot of new stuff to take in all at once.  But you’ve given it your best go and you’re really thriving and doing well.  First grade was another rough school year.  You had multiple substitute teachers because your primary teacher (who we loved) left on maternity leave in October.  Some subs were better than others, but the year...


Kevin is 6 years old

Kevin, you turned 6 years old and started 1st grade less than a month ago. Your 5th birthday came amidst massive change – we packed up our home in London, you said goodbye to friends (Olaf, Elexis and Kaijun) and started at Blue Hills Elementary school in California. Over your Kindergarten year, you made several new friends: Alex, Michael and Cade are some of your regular crew.  You took the move and new school in stride and enjoyed being back in our California home. The only sad part of our London adventure is that other than all the pictures and...


Kevin is 5 years old

  You turned 5 years old last week. I’m a bit late in writing this year’s birthday memoir, but there was a lot going on! Your life turned upside down in the last month – we moved from London to California, you left your friends at Heathside School, and you started Kindergarten. You took it all in stride, as you always do. Your fifth year started with “Reception” – the equivalent of Kindergarten at Heathside School in Hampstead UK. Reception lasted 7 hours, 5 days a week. You were exhausted for the first several months, napping hard on the weekends...