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Hi, this is Kevin.  My parents seem too busy these days to update our blog so I’m taking it upon myself to keep you informed! The reason I really wanted to write to you was to tell you about the awesome weekend we had with our cousins. Mom and Dad advertised the weekend as being about the snow, but the best part by far was playing with all our cousins. Every year we travel a few hours in the car to a family owned cabin in the woods near Dodge Ridge ski resort, at least my parents tell me it’s...


Don’t Eat Yellow Snow

  My Dad taught me how to ski when I was 4 of 5. I loved it. I loved to go fast. I loved it when my Dad fell down so that I could faster. I don’t know when this picture was taken, but I’m pretty sure my Dad still wears those sunglasses and still has that crazy Russian hat. Last weekend was time for the annual Fortunati family snow trip. There were 12 of us, all staying in a cabin near Strawberry, CA. Unfortunately, Dean’s family couldn’t make it this year, so his girls couldn’t join in the snow...


Annual Family trip to the snow cabin

In February, we took the annual trip to my sister-in-law’s cabin up in the Sierra Mountains. Like every year, we had a blast. But this year, we had a houseful! My oldest brother, Dean came with his wife Christina and their girls Katie and Jojo. Kim and his wife Lisa, along with ALL their kids – Taryn, Sarah, Paige, and Alec were there. My parents, and Dave and I. That made for 14 people!! Taryn, Dave and I slept in “Siberia” – the room off the garage which is located below the main level, so it was freezing cold. Everyone...