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Dancing on the pedals

This past week many sports celebrities headed into town for the Tour of California which starts Sunday in downtown Palo Alto and ends at the quad at Stanford University. We were fortunate enough to have babysitters for two nights this week so that we could go shmooze with the celebrities. On Wednesday night we went to see Phil Liggett “the voice of the Tour de France”. He had lots of great stories to tell about his years covering the tour and professional cycling in general. He has entertained us over the years with comments like “he’s in a spot of...


Evening with Floyd Landis

Last night, Heather and I were invited to the grand opening of my triathlon coach’s new cycling facility in San Francisco. We took the opportunity to eat a nice dinner in the city at Betelnut and then went to the new indoor cycling facility. The big draw of the evening was last year’s Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis. Floyd joined a group in a spin class and then sat down for a Q&A with my triathlon coach, Michael McCormack. They talked a lot about last years tour and how the press said he didn’t have “panache”. He said he...