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Kevin and coffee

Every morning I ask Heather if she wants a cup of coffee and she politely says “no thanks”. I do it because her Dad asked her everyday “coffee Heather?” to which she would reply “no thanks Dad”.  Evidently Kevin has been talking to his Mom, because he has no interest in coffee.


Visit to Kona Earth Coffee Farm

While in Kona, we visited the “Kona Earth” coffee farm. Gary Strawn, a former co-worker of Dave’s from Netiverse and Cisco, left the silicon valley life and moved to Kona to manage a coffee farm. Gary, his wife, and two young daughters have been there two full seasons now and are becomming more popular and well known. Kona coffee is “the hot thing” on the islands of Hawaii. The kona beans only grow in the climates of the Hawaiian volcanos – up on the hillsides where it is not too hot and very wet. Gary keeps the coffee trees trimmed...