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April Whirlwind

April was an extremely busy month at our house and I anticipate this may be the normal mode of operation around here for a while. It all started with the sale of our house.  We are relocating a few miles from where we live now for better schools, better neighbourhood and a quieter street. I wish we could just pick up our existing house. Since that’s not possible and we didn’t find exactly what we are looking for we decided to start down the path of building our own home. Stay tuned for future updates on that front. In between...


Billy No Buzz!

Kevin performed in his first school concert today!  Several classes got together and performed 5 songs about a bee named Billy who had no buzz.  Kevin’s class were dragonflies. Most of his classmates go fulltime, 5 days a week. Kevin only goes 3 afternoons a week so he missed out on a few rehearsals. Despite that he did awesome! We especially like the clapping at the end.