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Home Construction Week 10 Summary

This week wasn’t as dazzling as the previous weeks.  Plenty got done, and on schedule, but it was underfloor plumbing week, which isn’t so glamorous.  We’ve been told our sh** will flow downhill perfectly.  That’s really all we needed to know.  On Saturday, our heating/air crew installed all the underfloor duct work.  As of midday, they had a heat register coming out directly behind our front door plus two heat registers in our closet and none in our master bedroom.  They assured us it would all be corrected! Schedule and costs:  On time and no change orders! Mood:  Anticipating more fun stuff...


Home Construction Week 9 Summary

It’s been the most exciting week yet!  We have a garage!  They poured the garage and the boys have their handprints in cement for eternity.  The framers also finished the floor framing — long ‘engineered wood’ joists to hold up the subfloor (that the boys enjoyed using as very dangerous balance beams).  The plumber started putting the main sewage lines and hot/cold supply for several bathrooms and the laundry.  The site was also cleaned up quite a bit — all the random piles of rocks and dirt and metal, etc was hauled away. Schedule and costs:  No change orders this week and...


Home Construction Week 8 Summary

  We have the strongest foundation in California.  That’s what our architect told us after our soil guy told us we needed 91 10-foot piers.  In addition to piers, we also have a traditional “footing” — the cement walls you see in this picture.  So, we are doubly strong.  Ridiculously strong.  And, of course, ridiculously expensive. There is a crew of 10 guys working everyday and they are making fast progress.  In preparation for the front porch, we checked out stone at Peninsula Building Materials.  The choices are overwhelming.  Ryan picked out his favorite 5 and I picked mine.  They...