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Memorial Day Ride 2008 (EEW #3)

I think I’ve lost count of the number of “Epic Exercise Weekends (EEW)” I’ve had, there have been so many. But I’ll call Memorial Day weekend number three. I rode my bike to Santa Barbara. It sounds impressive, doesn’t it? People stare at me funny, but it is more sane than it sounds. This very talented and fast bike rider, Janine, organizes this group ride every year from San Jose to Santa Barbara. It is four days of bike riding, approximately 360 miles in total. I say ‘approximately’ because there are variations on mileage each day and you can always...



This weekend was a big EEW! Epic Exercise Weekend. This was my second weekend of epic exercise. I was too tired to blog about the first one, so I’ve included a summary of both weekends here. Ironman Coeur d’Alene is 64 days away. My training has been going quite well. Other than some creaky knees now and again, I’ve managed to stay injury free (for which I was rather pessimistic). I’ll just give you some highlights from my first EEW and then tell you about this weekend. My first EEW was March 21 – 23rd. On Friday, my parents and...


Dancing on the pedals

This past week many sports celebrities headed into town for the Tour of California which starts Sunday in downtown Palo Alto and ends at the quad at Stanford University. We were fortunate enough to have babysitters for two nights this week so that we could go shmooze with the celebrities. On Wednesday night we went to see Phil Liggett “the voice of the Tour de France”. He had lots of great stories to tell about his years covering the tour and professional cycling in general. He has entertained us over the years with comments like “he’s in a spot of...