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Hi, this is Kevin.  My parents seem too busy these days to update our blog so I’m taking it upon myself to keep you informed! The reason I really wanted to write to you was to tell you about the awesome weekend we had with our cousins. Mom and Dad advertised the weekend as being about the snow, but the best part by far was playing with all our cousins. Every year we travel a few hours in the car to a family owned cabin in the woods near Dodge Ridge ski resort, at least my parents tell me it’s...


Happy Campers

Summer is just around the corner so we decided to attempt an evening of tent camping over Memorial Day weekend.  We reserved a campsite at a local campground; Saratoga Springs, only a five minute drive from our home. Our thinking was that if Ryan won’t go to sleep in the tent we can always just pack up and come home to our beds! We waited until that last minute to pack up all the "stuff" and this is what the car looked like for 18 hours (1 night) of camping. Earlier in the week Dave pinged a friend who works...


Cape of Good Times!

Our time in London is drawing to a close (yes, it’s already been 14 months out of our planned 18 months overseas).  So, we’re getting a bit panicky about all the places we have left to see and things we want to do. Sometime in January, we decided to go big, and plan a trip to South Africa over Kevin’s school term break.  Our upstairs neighbour went to college there and was quite helpful in the planning process and gave us quite a long list of things that would be “kid-appropriate” to see. So, on the evening of Feb 11,...