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Unicycles, Motorcycles and Roller Skates

   These 3 pictures pretty much summarize Kevin’s 3rd birthday party. Two weeks ago, we invited a small group of friends over to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. The big surprise was a clown riding a unicycle up the street. The kids were amazed!!! The video clip below captures the highlights from the party and especially the reaction of the kids to the mystery clown guy riding up our street!  Kevin and his friends had an excellent time.


Kevin and Celia Sittin’ in a Tree…

K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Okay, maybe not. My friend Jennie came out to visit from North Carolina with her 2 year-old daughter Celia. It had been one year since we saw each other last, so the kids had sure changed. Celia’s love language is touch. Kevin’s is…well, not touch. Celia wanted to hug Kevin and hold his hand. All Kevin could say is, “I don’t need to hold your hand!” How sad. Dave and I hope he becomes more charming with age. We did lots of different activities. We spent one day at the Children’s Discovery Museum. Kevin and Celia made pretend pizzas,...


Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania

Over Memorial Day weekend we flew back to Pennsylvania to visit my family.  There were a lot of family members anxious to see him.  It had been almost a year since we last visited and Kevin had changed a bit since then!! Above is a picture of Kevin in our driveway ready to head to the San Francisco airport. He hauled Mom’s suitcase most of the trip. He entertained quite a few folks at baggage claim. When we stay in PA we stay with my sister and her family because they have a big house with plenty of extra room...