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Astronauts and pumpkins

  Here are a few pictures from Halloween.  Kevin has been wearing his astronaut costume almost everyday for the past few weeks. He picked up a bunch of library books about astronauts and the solar system and became a little obsessed. We now get up every morning and he puts on his suit for a shuttle launch to the moon before breakfast. 🙂 Ryan wore Kevin’s hand-me-down costume from last year. Nanny made the pumpkin costume and brought it out on her visit to CA during Halloween last year. Both kids were a big hit on the trick or treat...



Kevin got a special present this year from Nanny, a pumpkin costume!  Dave’s parents are currently visiting us from Pennsylvania. They wanted to come meet their new grandson and spend some time with the family.  Nanny spent the last few weeks sewing Kevin a pumpkin costume. We weren’t too sure he’d wear it at first, but after he got it on and looked in the mirror he changed his mind. We strolled the neighborhood and did some trick or treating. He had fun…and wanted to open every piece of candy he received, immediately 🙂 Here are a few more pumpkin...


Catching up

So many events have occurred since our last post that I’m summarizing all of them in this one big post. I finished my 2008 triathlon season almost as quickly as it started. This was Heather’s year with her first Ironman in June.   My last race was Sentinel, the week after Pacific Grove.  I’ve done Sentinel numerous times. I really like the course and since it’s local there are always a lot of friends racing.  Of course Kevin was there to cheer with Heather and his grandparents.  It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz and the race went really well....