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Kevin is seven

Kevin, you turned 7 two months ago.  It’s a whirlwind of a time, which explains why this letter is over a month late. Our family has moved (twice) right as you started second grade at a new school.  There has been a lot of new stuff to take in all at once.  But you’ve given it your best go and you’re really thriving and doing well.  First grade was another rough school year.  You had multiple substitute teachers because your primary teacher (who we loved) left on maternity leave in October.  Some subs were better than others, but the year...


March Madness

Kevin just finished his first season of organized basketball.  He started the season not knowing any rules of the game and barely able to shoot the ball high enough to be able to make a basket. By the end of the season he was dribbling the ball down the court, making good passes and even scoring a few times. Thanks coach Glenn for helping Kevin learn the game! Here is a fun video capturing Kevin in action on the court.   Now that Kevin is a fan of the game he has enjoyed watching March Madness. He’s learning all about...


A new phase

The boys go through a lot of phases. Sometimes they are very noticeable, other time more subtle. The latest phase is the bike riding phase. They ride several times a day EVERYDAY. It all started late last year when Ryan took his training wheels off as we wrote about here.  At the same time, the top thing on Kevin’s wish list from Santa was a new bigger bike with gears. As a result, in the new year we have a 4 year old who is feeling the freedom of no training wheels and a 6 year old who now has...