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Mad Scientists

Recently, Kevin has become interested in “experimenting” in the kitchen. I think it was an extension of cookie making at first, but now he just enjoys mixing various things together to see what they will turn into.  This morning he asked if I could buy some experiment stuff at the store while he was at school.  I picked up vinegar, bouillon cubes, squeeze tubes of soup, sesame seeds and some flour. I think I paid about £5 total for all these goodies. Below are pictures from the hour of fun we had in the kitchen after school today.  I don’t...


Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Heather and I made short but very fun trip back to PA to visit my family. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy our trip was at the airport. We didn’t encounter any long lines at security and the airports didn’t seem busy at all. We were also very fortunate to have a perfect weekend of weather in PA, sunny and in the high 50’s…very unusual for Thanksgiving weekend. After flying Wednesday night on a red-eye into Philadelphia, we rented a car and drove to my parents house. Heather and I were excited to see the new...