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The Ocado guy is here!!!

Because we don’t have a car in London, we use an online grocery delivery service called Ocado.  It’s an extremely easy website to use, so easy even Ryan can navigate it as you can see from the video below.


It’s snowing in London

It usually snows in London at most once a year and then only a fraction of an inch. Last night we got 4 inches of wet, snowman making snow!!  Here are a few photos of the fun! The snow started right around dusk. About an hour after the boys went to bed, this is what it looked like on our street. In the morning, this was the view from our front porch. The boys were excited to eat breakfast and head outside. The first stop was our back garden. Ryan still isn’t quite sure he like the white stuff. He...


Regent’s Canal Run

Here is a little map of the run. This entry is a little tour of London from pictures I took on my long Sunday run. The first stop was Sigmund Freud’s home near Swiss Cottage. He lived here the last year of his life after escaping the Nazi occupation of Vienna. He died one year later of cancer.   The next stop was Primrose Hill on the way down to Regent’s Park.  I stopped to snap a picture of the London Fog from the top of Primrose Hill. On my way down the hill I ran into my friend Joyce...