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Unicycles, Motorcycles and Roller Skates

   These 3 pictures pretty much summarize Kevin’s 3rd birthday party. Two weeks ago, we invited a small group of friends over to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. The big surprise was a clown riding a unicycle up the street. The kids were amazed!!! The video clip below captures the highlights from the party and especially the reaction of the kids to the mystery clown guy riding up our street!  Kevin and his friends had an excellent time.


Birthday Race

This past weekend I celebrated my 29th birthday (again) by doing something I love…racing. This is my now my 10th year in triathlon and I’m still enjoying the racing and all the great friends I’ve made in the last decade. To get fueled up for the Sunday race, Heather and I went out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate my birthday. We went to a restaurant we have heard a lot about but have never been to; La Foret. We had a great time in a quiet restaurant while Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to put the kids...


Castle Rock State Park

  This morning Kevin and Dad drove up the mountain to Castle Rock State Park. We decided to go climb on some rocks and do a little hiking.  Kevin brought one of his motorcycles (one with bumpy tires for the mud) in hopes of finding some good mud to play in.  He had a great time climbing, eating snacks and sliding down muddy hills on his bottom.