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Ryan’s Baptism

On Sunday June 6th we celebrated Ryan’s baptism with the entire Fortunati side of the family. We all got dressed up in our Sunday best and headed to church to meet the rest of the family.  Ryan enjoyed the ceremony more than anyone. He kept that smile (above) the entire time and thoroughly enjoyed being walked around the church to meet everyone after the baptism.   After the ceremony, Kevin learned how to play the church organ and we got the entire family together for a few photos. By this time Ryan was getting tired and hungry but he rallied...


Annual Clark/Fortunati/Steenhausen Holiday Party

Every year, these three families get together between Christmas and New Years.  This tradition started about 10 years ago, with about 20 people in total.  It gets a little more chaotic each year, as more and more children and spouses are added to the mix.  If every member of every family attended, there’d be over 70 people! In the midst of the chaos, we managed to “pile” all the grandkids on the couch for a picture.  From left to right:  Ryan LeRoy on Taryn Fortunati’s lap, Mae Steenhausen on Sarah Fortunati’s lap, Kevin LeRoy on Paige Fortunati’s lap, Ryan Chadda...


Memorial Day Ride 2008 (EEW #3)

I think I’ve lost count of the number of “Epic Exercise Weekends (EEW)” I’ve had, there have been so many. But I’ll call Memorial Day weekend number three. I rode my bike to Santa Barbara. It sounds impressive, doesn’t it? People stare at me funny, but it is more sane than it sounds. This very talented and fast bike rider, Janine, organizes this group ride every year from San Jose to Santa Barbara. It is four days of bike riding, approximately 360 miles in total. I say ‘approximately’ because there are variations on mileage each day and you can always...