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Ryan earned his wings (Kevin was the pilot)

We took our first big trip as a family of 4 to visit my parents in Pennsylvania in May. This was Kevin’s 3rd trip to PA. He is such an experienced air traveler that he was qualified to fly the plane (don’t tell TSA!).  We asked the flight attendant if Kevin could see the cockpit in Chicago before we took off and the next thing we knew the co-pilot offered his seat to Kevin!  Ryan was a great traveler on his first flight. He spent most his time making new friends in the plane, eating snacks or sleeping. Our first...


Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania

Over Memorial Day weekend we flew back to Pennsylvania to visit my family.  There were a lot of family members anxious to see him.  It had been almost a year since we last visited and Kevin had changed a bit since then!! Above is a picture of Kevin in our driveway ready to head to the San Francisco airport. He hauled Mom’s suitcase most of the trip. He entertained quite a few folks at baggage claim. When we stay in PA we stay with my sister and her family because they have a big house with plenty of extra room...


Kevin Earns His Wings

We took a trip to Pennsylvania this past weekend to see Dave’s family. We got up at 4am on Thursday morning to head to the San Jose airport. We had a two hour layover in Los Angeles, then a 5.5 hour flight to Philadelphia. Then we drove for nearly 2 hours to get to Lebanon, PA (which is near Hershey). It was a long, long day. I think we all earned our wings that day, but Kevin is the only one that got an actual United Airlines pin. Kevin did okay on the trip. He’s a big sleeper, and he...