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Baby LeRoy Update

We haven’t written in a while about Baby LeRoy. He (or is it a she?) is almost 35 weeks and mom is counting down. 5 weeks to go! I feel him move regularly – anything from turning over, kicking, or baby experiencing the hiccups. For the most part, I continue to feel good. Perhaps a little more tired, but I’m still managing to swim a couple times and week and make it to the gym a couple times a week. Dave and I are getting the house prepared for Baby LeRoy too. Most of our bedroom furniture arrived and we...


Dave’s Bike Room; i.e., The Basement

Now that we are expecting Baby LeRoy in September, Dave has been kicked out of the upstairs bike room and has been relegated to the basement. That may sound harsh, but we’ve fixed up the basement to be quite the hip place! Dave painted the basement room walls a warm brown color. We bought a small blue love seat and a flat-panel LCD television. At some point in the future, we’ll build a wine rack and some shelves for the stereo components. The rug Dave bought in Morocco many years ago fits right in, and the computrainer is hooked up...


Installing the new Bathroom Vanity

My Dad is quite a handyman. He agreed to build us a new master bathroom vanity. Our old vanity was just plain ugly. It looked like something that was slopily painted by an old blind man. It was also very non-functional. It had to go. This begins the rather comedic tale of “The Bathroom Vanity…” Step 1: Demolition. We wanted to tear out the old wooden vanity without cracking, chipping, or ruining the bathroom countertop. This step was succesful, but not without its issues. The vanity was definitely in there for good! The limestone top is really, really heavy, so...