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April Whirlwind

April was an extremely busy month at our house and I anticipate this may be the normal mode of operation around here for a while. It all started with the sale of our house.  We are relocating a few miles from where we live now for better schools, better neighbourhood and a quieter street. I wish we could just pick up our existing house. Since that’s not possible and we didn’t find exactly what we are looking for we decided to start down the path of building our own home. Stay tuned for future updates on that front. In between...


My first race

This past Sunday morning, Dad and I drove over to Los Gatos to run in my first race.  We loaded up the Ironman Bob stroller as well so that Dad could push me in his race.  As soon as we arrived I realized I hadn’t eaten enough for breakfast to run a 1K “fun” run, so I proceeded to eat almost all my snacks while Dad registered me for the race.  After eating a piece of sourdough break, a cheese stick, 2 packages of Nemo fruit snacks and a granola bar I was ready to race!!! Dad pinned my race...


Memorial Day weekend in Pennsylvania

Over Memorial Day weekend we flew back to Pennsylvania to visit my family.  There were a lot of family members anxious to see him.  It had been almost a year since we last visited and Kevin had changed a bit since then!! Above is a picture of Kevin in our driveway ready to head to the San Francisco airport. He hauled Mom’s suitcase most of the trip. He entertained quite a few folks at baggage claim. When we stay in PA we stay with my sister and her family because they have a big house with plenty of extra room...