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Keystone, CO

We ended 2014 and started 2015 in Colorado this year.  Dave was anxious for a break from work and the boys were anxious to play in the snow!  We did a little research and decided on Keystone Ski Resort about 90 miles west of Denver.  It advertised itself as very kid friendly and we weren’t disappointed. There was plenty of snow, the boys both skied, ice skated and tubed down the mountains. Here are a few photos of our ice skating and tubing outings. The first day of tubing we went to the top of the mountain for some fairly...



Hi, this is Kevin.  My parents seem too busy these days to update our blog so I’m taking it upon myself to keep you informed! The reason I really wanted to write to you was to tell you about the awesome weekend we had with our cousins. Mom and Dad advertised the weekend as being about the snow, but the best part by far was playing with all our cousins. Every year we travel a few hours in the car to a family owned cabin in the woods near Dodge Ridge ski resort, at least my parents tell me it’s...


It’s snowing in London

It usually snows in London at most once a year and then only a fraction of an inch. Last night we got 4 inches of wet, snowman making snow!!  Here are a few photos of the fun! The snow started right around dusk. About an hour after the boys went to bed, this is what it looked like on our street. In the morning, this was the view from our front porch. The boys were excited to eat breakfast and head outside. The first stop was our back garden. Ryan still isn’t quite sure he like the white stuff. He...