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Year end road trip

Over the Christmas/New Years holidays we didn’t have any big travel plans. We had hoped to go ski but mother nature decided not to cooperate on delivering snow. The boys were getting restless after a week off school so Heather and I decided on the spur of the moment to take a road trip over New Years Day. First stop on our excellent road trip was Pinnacles National Park.  Just say the word “cave” to any young boy and they will be ready to go hike.  We packed up a lunch and a handful of flashlights and headed off on...



There is no sun in London. Ever. Okay, well, once in a while the sun comes out, but it is rare. So, us sun-loving LeRoys headed to Portugal for Kevin’s term break from school. On the way to the airport, we saw signs “Diamond Jubilee Celebration; stay clear of central London.” We were certainly doing that! I suppose it is unfortunate that we missed the big deal. We missed the royal wedding too. But I digress… This was one of the few rides to the airport during which Kevin did not throw up. That set us up for a nice...


Cape of Good Times!

Our time in London is drawing to a close (yes, it’s already been 14 months out of our planned 18 months overseas).  So, we’re getting a bit panicky about all the places we have left to see and things we want to do. Sometime in January, we decided to go big, and plan a trip to South Africa over Kevin’s school term break.  Our upstairs neighbour went to college there and was quite helpful in the planning process and gave us quite a long list of things that would be “kid-appropriate” to see. So, on the evening of Feb 11,...