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Keystone, CO

We ended 2014 and started 2015 in Colorado this year.  Dave was anxious for a break from work and the boys were anxious to play in the snow!  We did a little research and decided on Keystone Ski Resort about 90 miles west of Denver.  It advertised itself as very kid friendly and we weren’t disappointed. There was plenty of snow, the boys both skied, ice skated and tubed down the mountains. Here are a few photos of our ice skating and tubing outings. The first day of tubing we went to the top of the mountain for some fairly...


South of the border

A few weeks ago during the boys school break we took our first big family vacation of 2014 to Cancun Mexico. The video below pretty much summarizes the week but I’ll fill in some of the missing highlights.   Cancun February 2014   We spent a lot of time everyday at the beach. The water was shallow and warm, perfect for the boys to play in the waves and build sand castles. Ryan loved getting mango smoothies from the bar near the beach. Here he is double fisted drinking with 3 straws! The resort staff were roaming around one day...


Ixtapa – Mango Paradise

When we decided to go on a family vacation, my only real requirement was that I not have to cook. The whole time. I also didn’t want to have to change hotels every night, schlepping kids’ stuff all over everywhere. This eliminated any kind of camping, road trip, or the like. We settled on Club Med in Ixtapa, Mexico. We plunked down a bunch of money in April. Then I spent the next 3 months planning (i.e., worrying about) exactly what to bring on the airplane (to keep two kids happy for 12 hours of travel time) and what to...