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heatherdave.com upgraded

One year after we launched heatherdave.com I decided it was time to upgrade  to the latest version of wordpress .   I can’t say it was painless! I ran into a couple issues, but I think I finally have everything back working. Let me know if you see any problems.


New website launched in August

After missing this triathlon season due to an injury, I decided to refocus all my workout energy towards developing a triathlon related website. The result is: bayareatri.com I’ve always wanted to see a centralized results site for all the local races, much like zinsli.com does for running races in the bay area. The thought of adding interesting statistics first came from viewing tri.siebert.org I still have lots of features I’d like to add, but since starting a new job we’ll have to see how much progress I make.  I’m still updating the races every weekend, so be sure to check...


The new website

After quite a bit of work getting the new website together, I think it’s ready to go! For those of you used to the old photo website, all the pictures on the previous site can still be found by clicking on the photo tab at the top of the page. Some of the older pictures may not be sized correctly to fit in the frame of the new website, but otherwise the same old interface is still available. Dave